Piaggio and financial markets

Financial disclosure

Piaggio considers financial disclosure to be of fundamental importance in building a relationship of trust with the financial market.
In particular its Investor Relations function engages institutional and individual investors as well as financial analysts in an ongoing dialogue, producing transparent, timely and accurate information to promote a correct perception of the Group's value.

In 2011, communication with the financial community was stepped up, with the Group meeting more than 150 investors on main European financial markets (Milan, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva and Zurich), during road shows and conferences.
Initiatives also included direct meetings and conference calls, managed daily by the IR function, and institutional communication events for the market:

  • an Investor Day, to present the New Strategic Plan;
  • four quarterly conference calls, to present financial results.

At the same time, coverage of the Piaggio share was extended, and with the start-up of activities by two international merchant banks, total coverage now comprises 12 brokers.

The Company's web site www.piaggiogroup.com is constantly updated with exhaustive information concerning the Group and all major corporate documentation, in both Italian and English.
In particular, press releases disclosed to the market by the Press Office, the Company's periodic financial reports, the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, and the Company's business and financial performance are all published on-line, along with the material used in meetings with the financial community and corporate governance documents (articles of association, Internal Dealing procedures and material concerning shareholders' meetings).
In the 2011 edition of the prestigious "KWD Webranking Italy", an annual survey of the best corporate web sites of companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, the Piaggio Group's web site was ranked fourth, going up from fifth place in 2010 which earnt it the title of "Best Improver" for having increased its score the most compared to the previous year. 

Contacts Investor Relations Department

Email: investorRelations@piaggio.com 
Tel: +39 0587 272286
Fax: +39 0587 276093

The Piaggio share

Price and daily volumes

Price and daily volumes

Trend of the piaggio share in relation to reference indexes

Trend of the piaggio share in relation to reference indexes

In a year characterised by a general downturn on the Italian stock exchange and considerable volatility, the Piaggio share performed better than reference indexes.

Main share indicators
  2011   2010  
Official share price as of 30/12 (Euro) 1.80 2.36
Number of shares (no.) 371,793,901 371,793,901
Earnings per share (Euro)    
- Basic earnings 0.126 0.113
- Diluted earnings 0.126 0.112
Shareholders' equity by share (Euro) 1.21 1.19
Market capitalisation (millions of Euro)1 669.1 876.4
1_Obtained by multiplying the official share price as of 30/12 by the number of shares.
Group rating
  Current   31/12/2010  
Standard & Poor’s    
- Corporate BB BB
- Outlook Negative Stable
- Corporate Ba2 Ba2
- Outlook Stable Stable