Events occurring after the end of the period

6 January 2012 - the Vespa for the Indian market was unveiled at the Auto Expo show in Delhi. With a new low emission 60 km/litre engine, the scooter will be manufactured at Piaggio's production facilities in Baramati (India) from March 2012. It will go on sale in 35 major Indian cities from April. Initial production capacity will amount to 150,000 vehicles/year.

23 January 2012 - the revolving syndicated loan of 130 million EUR taken out on 29 December 2011 was finalised, as suspension conditions had been met. In particular, the remaining Euro 65 million of a pooled loan, with maturity in August 2012, was paid back in advance, and the early cancellation of a loan of Euro 100 million, undrawn on, with maturity in December 2012, was requested.

24 January 2012 - the Group established an organisation based on the geographic areas EMEA and Americas, AsiaSEA and India.