Events during the period

13 January 2011 - Davide Scotti became Manager of Piaggio Product Development and Strategies, replacing Maurizio Roman who left the company.

25 January 2011 - The production site at Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, was awarded ISO 14001:2004 certification (environmental certification).

27 January 2011 - The new range of the Piaggio Porter commercial vehicles, with new Euro 5 petrol and diesel engines, was unveiled.

16 March 2011 The Vespa PX with a 125cc and 150cc engine and four manual gears, was launched on the market.

22 March 2011 - A new company was established in Indonesia, which will directly sell the Group's vehicles, which have so far been distributed by importers.

6 April 2011 - A new industrial area, situated in the province of Vinh Phuc, near Hanoi, was inaugurated, where the Group's Vietnamese site will be expanded (from the current 26,000 m2 to approximately 50,000 m2).

7 June 2011 - the Chairman and CEO of the Piaggio Group, Roberto Colaninno, announced the inception of a new Research Centre at Foshan, China, that will be held 100% by the Piaggio Group and will be involved in developing new engines and new vehicles specifically designed for the needs of Asian markets. The Foshan Research Centre is part of an innovative organisational network model, that will integrate all the Research, Development and Purchasing activities undertaken by the Group at present in Europe, India and China, at a worldwide level.

17 June 2011 - Production of the Piaggio MP3 reached the 100,000 mark, demonstrating the remarkable success of this revolutionary scooter model.

30 June 2011 - The 125cc and 200cc versions of the Scarabeo were restyled and upgraded.

1 July 2011- Simest sold 12.5% of Piaggio Vietnam to Piaggio & C.. Following this operation, Piaggio Vietnam is held 100% by the Group.

Following the Board of Directors' meeting of 13 July 2011 which resolved to authorise the issue of long-term debt securities for a total nominal amount of 75 million USD – on 25 July 2011 Piaggio & C. S.p.A. finalised the private placement of Senior Unsecured Notes on the American market (US Private Placement) entirely subscribed by an institutional investor for an amount of 75 milion USD, with last maturity at 10 years and coupon at 6.50%. The income will be used to refinance the debt, improving the profile by increasing the average maturity and a further differentiation of lenders. 

18 September 2011 - Aprilia won the world manufacturer's title in the 125cc category.

19 September 2011 - Michele Pallottini stepped down from his position as General Manager Finance.

27 October 2011 - Aprilia won both the manufacturer's title and rider's title in the Supermoto World Championships, thanks to Adrien Chareyre. Aprilia has now won 7 world titles in the Supermoto Championships.

6 November 2011 - Nico Terol took the 125cc rider's world championship title riding an Aprilia. Aprilia has consolidated its leadership position as the Italian and European manufacturer with the most wins in Moto World Championships with victories in 294 GPs(151 in the 125cc category and 143 in the 250cc category) and 38 championship titles (19 manufacturer's titles and 19 riders' titles). Aprilia has nowwon a total of 49 World Championships.

21 November 2011 - In the annual survey conducted by KWD Webranking, in association with Lunquist, which rates the corporate web communication of Italy's leading 100 companies in terms of capitalisation, Piaggio ranked 4th overall (5th place in 2010).

1 December 2011 - The 2010 Financial Statements of the Piaggio Group won the Best Financial Reporting Award ("Oscar di Bilancio Società e Grandi Imprese Quotate") in the Listed Companies category.

Oscar di Bilancio

29 December 2011 - Taking out of a medium-term revolving loan, for 130 million Euro, with a small pool of international banks.