Customer and dealer service

The levers for building enduring customer relationships based on trust lie in the customer engagement tools provided by the Customer Opinion Survey and Customer Service.

Customer Experience

Piaggio has created and consolidated a customer engagement platform to understand the changing expectations of customers and gauge how effectively it meets those expectations by measuring brand reputation and customer loyalty.

The main items studied and monitored, also based on benchmarking with leading competitors are:

  • the motivations for choosing a brand and the fundamental features of products and services; 
  • the adaptation of sales and assistance structures to satisfy specific needs; 
  • the effectiveness of the sales network and services; 
  • brand awareness and loyalty.

A dedicated customer engagement tool is already up and running throughout the world in the form of a special customer experience portal, which enables customer opinions and feedback to be monitored in real time. 

In 2011 around 50,000 customers of the first vehicles sold, 8,000 of which in Vietnam and 200 in Indonesia, actively participated in the engagement platforms.

Besides confirming that product quality and perceived reliability are key to customer retention, the feedback was also given to product innovation and development functions, to supplement market research and technical testing and inspection data they receive. In particular, suggestions about the product concept (technical characteristics) prompted ideas for new engines that can best meet the needs of an increasingly discerning clientèle, particularly as regards fuel consumption - which is coming to the fore in western markets and is vital for success on eastern markets.

Customer service

Customer service, together with the dealer network, represents the most important channel for our relationship with customers. The Group's Contact Centre Project operates in a multichannel environment, by contact and customer targets, and also has a virtual on-line space on a SAP CRM platform or on Sale for all main European markets, i.e. Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Great Britain - as well as for the USA and Vietnam. The service is being started up in Benelux and Indonesia. 

In 2011, some 85,000 contacts were managed in Europe, with a further 4,000 in the rest of the world. Problems found in products or services accounted for 18% of calls for assistance.
The Group's service levels in its main markets match standards of excellence in the sector, with 85% of calls managed within thirty seconds, and resolution times below forty-eight hours.
In 2011 the CRM platform was launched in
Indonesia, and the web-based customer care service in India went into operation. The CRM platform for Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg is in the start-up stage. All the platforms handle customer reports/complaints using the same approach, so international response standards can be defined at a Group level, and all markets and functions involved in customer management can be dealt with in real time.

Dealer Web Site

The Dealer Web Site is a gateway to applications, information and technical documents and sales literature designed to help dealers manage their markets according to common standards and criteria. Access is personalised on the basis of the role assigned to the partner by their agency agreement. In particular, the web site enables dealers to:

  • obtain information on promotional and sales methods for the range of products;
  • learn and train their own staff on product maintenance and customer management techniques;
  • access to the management application for technical and sales documentation;
  • learn what customers think of their services.

The tools are normally associated with specific events, such as dealer conventions and engagement panels, to ensure that activities and initiatives translate into customer management methods able to build customer loyalty and develop dealers' reputation on the market.

Dealer Support Service

The Dealer Support Service provides daily assistance to ensure the optimal management of after-sales service – from delivery of the vehicle to management of assistance services and product warranties. The service represents the most important channel for managing our relationship with the network, and is based on a series of specialist platforms dedicated to logistics, product and accessory sales, and services. The support service is delivered through an on-line help desk, available for all our main European markets – Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Benelux as well as the USA, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Besides enabling service levels to be standardised for all our partners, in accordance with contractual arrangements, the platforms enable the right action to be taken and training, documentation and available information to be delivered in the most effective way.