These totalled €/000 904,060 compared to €/000 881,075 in 2010.
The percentage of costs accounting for net revenues went up from 59.3% in 2010 to 59.6% in the current period, due to the greater impact of total production on vehicles in the Asian continent, where the percentage accounting for turnover was higher than the Group average, considering that engines are currently sourced from external suppliers and the lower impact of manpower. The following table details the content of this financial statement item:

2011 2010 Change
In thousands of Euro
Raw, ancillary materials, consumables and goods 902,689 864,524 38,165
Change in inventories of raw, ancillary materials, consumables and goods (4,573) 10,592 (15,165)
Change in work in progress of semifinished and finished products 5,944 5,959 (15)
Total costs for purchases 904,060 881,075 22,985

This item includes €/000 38,786 for costs relative to purchases of scooters from the Chinese subsidiary Zongshen Piaggio Foshan, which are sold on European and Asian markets.